Rule of 10

Ten years, forward and backward. That is where I stand. In the dichotomy of my own soul lay 20 years of me for one to see. Only you see the year of me through one side or the other. The rule of 10 always applies. I’m aged beyond my peers in ways that I am . . . → Read More: Rule of 10

Who do you CC?

When you do a lot of email from your job, you quickly learn the art of CC and BC when adding on additional contacts to an email message. For those who aren’t familiar, when you email someone and add contacts on as a CC, that stands for carbon copy and this essentially just sends a . . . → Read More: Who do you CC?

“I’m Sorry”….yeah right

With scandals, specifically sports scandals coming left and right, I always tend to shake my head at these alleged apologies. Michael Vick is sorry, Marion Jones is sorry, Bill Belichick is sorry… and the list goes on. The question remains, “Can you really be sorry after you get caught?” I’m starting to think not. An . . . → Read More: “I’m Sorry”….yeah right

Now and Later

Most all of us live our lives with a certain mindset of existence. Our perspective of life determines whether we live only in the “now” or whether we take the time to think about and prepare for the “later.” Living in the “now” is what rules modern society. We have to have what we want, . . . → Read More: Now and Later

Did You Touch The Flame?

I’m sure most people have the experience of having their parents give the warning “don’t touch the stove” because the oven is hot. Maybe not in those exact words, but nonetheless, nearly all of us have had our fair share of the infamous childhood warnings. You know, look both ways before crossing the street, and . . . → Read More: Did You Touch The Flame?

Risk or Regret?

In my opinion there are two things that define most of our lives. Risk and Regret.


Do you take the risk to try something new; to do something spontaneous; to go somewhere or do something you’ve never done before? Or do you leave with regret, wondering what could have been. I’m one who tends . . . → Read More: Risk or Regret?

Going Through The Motions

Going through the motions — I often find myself going through the motions at work or whatever, “Hey how are you doing Mr.?” I’m doing fine, how about you.” Well what if I’m not doing fine? Am I actually going to take the time to explain to a work colleague, who is only expecting a . . . → Read More: Going Through The Motions


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