Going Through The Motions

Going through the motions — I often find myself going through the motions at work or whatever, “Hey how are you doing Mr.?” I’m doing fine, how about you.” Well what if I’m not doing fine? Am I actually going to take the time to explain to a work colleague, who is only expecting a 3 second response, how my day is really going? The answer is simple. People don’t care how you’re doing? You shake a hand here, you give a smile there. For what? It’s all fake. I’d rather just go through the day in complete silence until someone has something “real” or at least genuine to say. I know that will never happen because I’m one of the main ones who “plays the courtesy game”. It shows social skills, friendliness, and respect. Or so it seems? But are we really respecting others when we’re essentially hiding our real emotions just to pass on by unscathed? Out of the thousands of greeting, goodbyes, talk-to-you-laters, and other little nuisances, literally only a handful is heartfelt. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at church, work, or anywhere else.

Handshakes and smiles more often than not get manufactured like widgets on a factory line in which the only time the operator stops the line of constant moving parts, is if one has a serious and obvious defect. The parts that pass by unscathed are us, the so called “normal ones.” Just think, like the above example, if a moving factory line of gadgets actually had to stop the line and truly inspect and check on each gadget, things would never get done. Instead of the simple hand shake and smile, if everyone was given a heart to heart conversation, we’d have pandemonium. The front doors of churches, the break rooms in office buildings, the check out lines in retail outlets, the drive through at restaurants, they would all be jammed with people waiting in line because of the backlog of “real conversation.” We wouldn’t want that would we?? So lets just keep with the same ole same ole. Lets just push em in and kick em out as fast as we can.


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