Risk or Regret?

In my opinion there are two things that define most of our lives. Risk and Regret.


Do you take the risk to try something new; to do something spontaneous; to go somewhere or do something you’ve never done before? Or do you leave with regret, wondering what could have been. I’m one who tends to operate with a “calculated risk.” I tend to analyze, or over analyze ever situation, every decision, and every detail. This serves as a positive in most cases, but at other times, I wish I could have more spontaneity with my risks. But beware, because spontaneous risk is often associated with irrationality, or with an all-or-nothing approach. You either hit a home run or you strike out. You’ll either make a fortune, or end up bankrupt. You’re either the hero or the zero. We hear of all these success stories all the time, and we always think: That could have been me. Could it?? Would you have put everything on the line? Would you have sacrificed all you have for what you believe in?


Here are a few situations to help get a sense of if you’re more of a risk taker.

1) Are you one to walk up to a stranger and ask him/her out on the spot, or would you try to “work” your way in and get a better sense of your odds of success.

2) Would you start up your own business putting all your money and financial security on the line, or would you be content to stay with your current company for the stability.

3) Would you tell that “special one” you loved them, not knowing if they felt the same way?

4) Would you major in “that” field of study even though the financial gain of getting a good paying job doesn’t seem to add up?

5) Would you move to that city for that job meant for you, even though you’d be leaving your hometown and friends?

— There are many more circumstances that help demonstrate your level of risk, but these are just some in which I’m sure most of you can relate too.


It’s all about failure and rejection really. Are you afraid to fail and do you fear rejection? Of course you do. Everyone does, it’s just a matter of how that fear defines your decisions and your choices. Then it comes back to risk. Are you willing to risk failure? Are you willing to risk rejection? As I come of age and start to venture into new things, new opportunities, and new challenges, I face these questions more and more. So what’s the answer? How do I overcome the fear or risk or live with little regret. Well there is no concrete answer. I’m not trying to make a point that you should take a risk with every situation and every circumstance. Nor am I trying to say that playing it safe is always the best, most logical approach. The amount of risk you’re willing to take or the amount of rejection you’re willing to endure is up to you. Yet as for me, I’d rather be known as a risk taker, a doer, someone who was willing to step into the unknown. It often takes many failures for something great to be accomplished. Things don’t just occur by happenstance. Someone at some point had to make a decision. Who will it be


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