Who do you CC?

When you do a lot of email from your job, you quickly learn the art of CC and BC when adding on additional contacts to an email message. For those who aren’t familiar, when you email someone and add contacts on as a CC, that stands for carbon copy and this essentially just sends a copy to the recipients you state. The important thing about carbon copy is all the recipients can see who has been CC and who the original recipients are. On the other hand, BC stands for blind copy in that whoever you add to the BC will get the message (along with who was CC plus the originally recipients) but none of the recipients will be able to see which BC contacts received it. The interesting thing is how people use the CC and BC when sending emails. In the office environment, you quickly learn how the CC and BC can be used as a positive or as a negative.


There are tons of uses for CC and BC but the real question is, who do you CC and BC in real life? For couples who say, I don’t keep secrets from my husband or wife, what they are really doing is letting people know, that everything they are saying is being CC to their spouse. Even beyond couples, the political world we live in today has created an atmosphere as to where it is not only who you know, but who you can let know. Who can you CC when it comes to certain situations, or who can you BC in which you communicate in private.


I can say I’ve learned how the game works but I don’t always like playing. I hate having to refer to such tactics just to get things done. If only people would work together as a team and see the big picture. It’s all about covering you own. Yet being the social person I am (at least that’s my work personality), I tend to smooth things over pretty well and haven’t had any major tiffs. I’m actually one who works well in tense situation when people on both sides of me are enemies. I guess I’m really writing this blog just to try and get people to think twice before misusing the CC and BC tactics because it’s hard to repair relationships when people feel you’re trying to disrespect them or go over their head. I personally don’t use those tactics (much) and hope people use them wisely.




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