Rule of 10

Ten years, forward and backward. That is where I stand. In the dichotomy of my own soul lay 20 years of me for one to see. Only you see the year of me through one side or the other. The rule of 10 always applies. I’m aged beyond my peers in ways that I am truly grateful. Wisdom abounds and I am beyond my years in many things people hold dear. But there is always two sides to the rule of ten.


As much as I have gained, I’m ten behind still. When emotions and social interactions lead themselves to one’s other half, a child am I. I try to bend the binoculars in ways which leave people only one way to see. Yet only so much bending can a filter take. For it is beyond the filter, or when the filter breaks that anyone sees how old I really am. No where near as polished as I may seem to be, a young child wandering through the desert with no guide. A child that cries out for help does not bear the shame of one’s surroundings. That is the place I need to be yet that is where my other half takes hold. No tears here. No reaching out for one to renew what little hope I seek. Only the bitterness of one who has experienced much through vicarious glasses all but has refused to feel the pain. One who has let the fear of pain weaken the resolve to escape the prison that holds back one’s soul.


Fear can be a mighty weapon and an extraordinary weakness. Coupled together, the weapon and the weakness mold to form an insurmountable stronghold. One has to give. Either the weapon must be broken or the weakness must be overcome. But time and destiny will tell how one gets free from the bondage. If ever free. We all want to be free, but the rule of ten comes back again. The fear of the wise and the weakness of the young take a hold of one’s self to form a monster. A monster that nothing we here possess can defeat. We need help. If only to realize that we are in a battle. A battle for our own soul.


Will we let the rule of ten mold our very being? Or will we finally realize, that with all rules, some can be bent, and others can be broken. Imagine if we took the years behind us and coupled them with the years that we are ahead, then we would only be in forward mode. The propensity for the years ahead to drive us will lead you to your destiny. So we take a leap forward. A leap of faith some call it, but a leap nonetheless. That is the only way to overcome. That is the only true way to live.


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