Keys Please

Imagine you are in the possession of a precious gift.  A gift that is so rare, so unmatched in its beauty, that you protect it at all cost.  So you lock it away in a secret place.  A place where you only hold the keys.  A hidden place.  A place where one would have to go the ends of the earth to find its location.  Yet there is a defining choice you must make.  To whom shall you trust with this secret.  Who to share this extravagant gift with.  Even the glimpse of the beauty you possess could lead to disaster if it lands in the wrong hands.   For your gift is fragile, it is easily broken.  Better yet, it is vulnerable to theft and you must take precaution in whomever you choose to even make aware of its existence.

And yet the plot thickens.  You must not only decide to whom you must share this precious information, you must decide who should hold the spare set of keys that unlocks this hidden place.  You must decide at the depths of man’s yearning for riches, wealth, and beauty, how to decide who has the honor and trust to be privileged to this information.

Here lies the dilemma.  No matter how secret the place; no matter how secure the location;  no matter how unique the key, it all comes back to choice.  This choice will be at the core of who you are and at the core of who is receiving this great honor.  This choice must not be handed out so carelessly that there is any sign of regret or remorse.  The recipient of the keys must understand that the decision to choose them to hold not only the secret of the what is in possession, but the secret on how to penetrate the defenses of this hidden place to take this precious gift and do with it as they please.

So what is the gift you ask.  What could be so carefully guarded and so deeply locked away that one must risk all in deciding who has the keys.  Choose wisely who you let open the door to your heart.

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